Music as a Weapon (Bambu- Young Old Filipino Man)

So I am also a lover of music, especially Hip-Hop (particularly indie/underground) and Metal. So to keep with the theme of this blog and to have some fun with some other content (filler!!!!), I’m gonna have a couple posts a week featuring music with a political message. Music As a Weapon.

(I am aware that was the name of Disturbed’s yearly tour awhile back, but no one cares about stupid Disturbed…sorry if you are a Disturbed fan, not really lol).

This week’s video comes courtesy of LA (but Oakland resident) underground MC Bambu. Bambu is one of my favorite MC’s. Not only does he Rap, but he is also a community organizer. I have been fortunate enough to see Bambu perform live a couple times. He was also cool enough to come down and perform a small set for an event organized by Justine for Josiah, the campaign I have been organizing with since 2014. Justice for Josiah is a campain seeking justice for the murder of Antonio Guzman Lopez, an Undocumented Mexican Day Laborer and Father of Josiah. Antonio was killed by San Jose State University Police on Feb 21st, 2014.

Here’s Bambu’s track “Young Old Filipino Man” from his latest album Party Worker. Go check out his album and music if you have not already!

I chose this song for the lyrics:

“And it’s still Puro Dodgers ALL DAY!”

Now you know what team I root for.

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